nuffnang ku

Thursday, September 29, 2011

inner neck cotton

 inner neck cotton stretchable
easy maintenance
easy handling
all designs are comfy and pretty :-)

only RM25/pc
3 and above, RM20/pc

 contoh pemakaian (Cotton 1)
- yang ni cotton nya tebal sedikit as compared to the next picture, but still comfy, tak panas -

 contoh styling --- wear it with shawl, scarves or any tudung of your preference.

 sample pemakaian (Cotton 2)
- this one is slightly thinner than the first picture, and slightly smaller in face size -

 Styling sample

Colours selection for Cotton 1

same design as Cotton 1 but of DENIM material
(only 3 colours left)

Colours selection for Cotton 2