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Monday, January 31, 2011

Long Flair Tunic


 type of material silk lycra
price RM70 per piece
RM195 for 3 pieces (of different colours,any sizes)
RM300 for 5 pieces (of different colours, any sizes)
sizes S - shoulder 14"; chest 34.5"
M - shoulder 14.5"; chest 37
L - shoulder 15"; chest 39"
XL - shoulder 15.5"; chest 42"

colours available:

LFT black 

LFT dark brown

LFT pink

LFT purple

LFT turquoise

Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 Jan 2011

material:     lycra (good quality)
awning:     thai silk
price:     RM30

 PLS 006

material:     tshirt jersey (very niceee...)
awning:     thai silk
specialty:     double curl 
price:     RM40

 DCTS 003 - light turquoise

 DCTS 004 - light brown

 DCTS 005 - orangy brown

 DCTS 006 - yellowy peach

 DCTS 007 - turquoise

DCTS 009 - grayish black

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new look!

dear readers, 

klosetmuslimah was scouting around for something new and we found this, thus we wish to share with those who love islamic fashion :-)

maysaa by hana tajima


our kloset is not selling these products but this post is only to share about them. enjoy browsing :-)